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www.mcafee.com/activate McAfee Mobile Security

It is never a good feeling to have your tablet misplaced or lost. Before the advent of McAfee Mobile Security, it just wouldn't have been possible to search for your device easily. But now, with this wonderful software called McAfee Mobile Security, you can either track down your device or even protect it easily. However, there are a few steps you need to follow to ensure you're on track.

Here’s what you need to get started:

  • An android tablet

  • Your McAfee Mobile Security login details and password

  • The computer in which you installed McAfee Mobile Security

  • Google Play Store login details

  • Access to your e-mail

Let’s get the procedure started…

1st Step: -

In your browser, visit http://www.mcafee.com/myaccount and log in. Once you're there, go to 'My Account'. Now, to add another device, click '+' and get it attached to your McAfee Mobile Security account.

2nd Step: -

In the second step, a new window 'Add a device' will pop up before you. Activate McAfee Mobile Security Then click the tablet icon. Once you’re through this, click 'Send Link' button that is below your first option.

3rd Step: -

In the next window that appears, under the 'choose the product' option, click on the Android icon. Now, under the option 'Essential security', click the radio button to enable McAfee LiveSafe – Activate McAfee Mobile Security . Then, click the blue 'Next' button.

4th Step: -

In this step, you'll attempt to send the download the link to your tablet. Therefore, in the window 'Send the download to a tablet' that appears before you, do the following:

  • You can select a 'nickname' to the device you're adding

  • To get the downloadable link on your device, select the radio button 'Email it'

  • Now add your valid email address in the slot provided below

  • Click the 'Send Email' blue button

5th Step: -

You'll now be in the 'My Account' area under your recently added Tablet control area. From here on, for the installation purposes, you'll not be using PC but tablet.

6th Step: -

Now, you need to check your registered e-mail from your tablet ad watch out for the e-mail from McAfee. Remember, if you're using Gmail then chances are that your e-mail could be found in 'Promotions' tab. Click the 'Download now' link given in the e-mail.

7th Step: -

The next page that will open up in your browser is the 'McAfee Mobile Security page'. Click the blue 'Download' bar you can see promptly on the screen.

8th Step: -

Click 'I accept' button when the End User License Agreement screen comes next up.

9th Step: -

Now, you'll be taken to Google Play Store's 'McAfee Mobile Security' page. Click 'Install' button.

10th Step: -

Next up, you'll see the App permissions page. Here, click 'Accept' button.

11th Step: -

When you're done with the downloading process, click the 'open' button.

12th Step: -

A black window screen will then appear indicating the progress of Mobile Security Installation and its configuration. You'll need to enter the PIN when you see 'Find your device' page on your screen. Make sure to type PIN in both the boxes and click 'Continue'.

13th Step: -

In the next page, you'll see the window 'Activate Device Administrator?' asking you to activate the option. When you do 'activate', any third party will not be able to uninstall the security software or use the device in any which way.

14th Step: -

In this step, you'll see the 5-page welcome page that will take you through McAfee Mobile Security features. Click 'Go to Main Menu' bar.

15th Step: -

You'll now be taken to Mobile Security Screen's main page, where you'll be able to find your device, check, and secure it.

In following all the above steps correctly, htttp:/www.mcafee.com/ activate your tablet will be more secure than before.