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Mcafee Family Protection Windows, MAC Help

McAfee Family Protection  gives you the  freedom to discover the Internet safely. With advanced parental controls, your computer will get a safety from  inappropriate content, social networking risks, strangers, and other threats. The most and easiest way to keep your childrens safe from Internet. You can use Mcafee Family Protection on upto 3 Devices.

Its having a advance feature of blocking  the  websites  in upto 35 categories .It will also notice social networking activity and will keep the personal information safe.It blocks file sharing programs and access to inappropriate programs. It also provides a feature such as Unique Media Filtering and Advanced Activity Reports.

Mcafee Family Protection also provides Android Edition. McAfee Family Protection Android Edition is easy to use and setup. It provides the feature of website filtering, where you can choose categories to filter or add specific websites to block or allow. And also provides features such as Block Browser Download and also uninstall protection.

Features Provided by Mcafee Family Protection:

McAfee Family Protection protects children of all ages from inappropriate content, social networking sites risks, strangers, and also other threats.

  • It will protect the exposure from adult content.

  • Time spent on the Internet can be easily managed.

  • It will also helps you to avoid contacts with strangers.

  • It also filter movies and TV shows by viewing ratings.

  • It also keeps your children from listening to explicit music on iTunes.

  • It also blocks unwanted YouTube videos.

With the help of McAfee Family Protection it will allow you to  establish unique user IDs for every member of your family. Within various alternatives, so that you will have the option to configure settings for a variety of online activities.

It blocks the website by category and also by specific URL. It enables the safe search so that your children will not get any unwanted material on a search engine. It also restricts the youtube contents. Mcafee Family protection also disables the file sharing sites and prevents your child from accessing music which is having a questionable contents.

Mcafee Family Pretection is an all-in-one website blocker where it provides excellent features such as website blocker, also monitors social networking sites and also avoids cyberbullying etc.

Steps For installing Mcafee Family Protection:

  • 1 Enter the webaddress  https://webmaildata.rr.com/mcafee/register/.

  • 2 Ten enter your Bright House Email Addressand its password in the provided fields and click Continue.

  • Note: It  must be your [email protected][div].rr.com email address from your Bright House email account.
  • 3 If you are already  registered your McAfee account on Bright House Networks, skip to Step 6.

  • 4On the Create Your McAfee Account page, enter the information which is required  and create a mcafee online account.

    • First Name 

    • Last Name 

    • Email Address(should pre-fill from your Bright House Email Address)

    • Password(It requires re-entry to confirm)

  • 5 Click Download Now.

  • 6 Then  Add a device window will open. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the desired product.