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McAfee Site Adviser Live Help

Site Advisor is a service that provides reports to us regarding the safety of websites by checking the web and testing the sites and also finds for malware and spywares. Site Advisor software advices you before you clicks on risky websites

The Mcafee Site Advisor is freely available and easy to install and also easy to use. When Mcafee Site Advisor is installed your browser will look some what different than you are using it regularly.

Mcafee Site Advisor will show you the sites on your browser with simple red, yellow and green Website safety ratings, if you are getting a green tick then it is safe to click, if there is yellow symbol or rating then there are minor risk issues, and if there is red rating then it is having serious risk issues. Mcafee Site Advisor also provides you Secure Search Box. Because of all this features you can click with confidence and even surfing will be safe, and also you can search and shop online.

Mcafee Site Advisor Live is beyond secure searching and browsing which gives you comprehensive, active and real security from the websites which will compromise your PC and your identity. It also provides you the benefit of advance phishing protection ,instant messages and link checking in e-mails, and it also provides you the facility of ‘protected mode’ where it will disable your interaction from unwanted sites.

The Mcafee site Advisor Live technology works with 20 seach engines, where it also includes Google, Yahoo!, Ask and AOL. It had been downloaded more than 200 million times and the advantage is it does not need any other security software to work

Mcafee Site Advisor provides you various features such as it is a safety guard to your search results, provides you secure seach box facility, also protected mode is provided , and also display site rating can be safely donloaded and also gives you safe share and social sites protection while using. It also provodes you some additional benefits that is always updating, always upgrading where it  will automatic upgrade and update your applications or softwares, and also convenient and ongoing protection, that is it gives you always current version on computers

Mcafee site advisor comes with Mcafee security BELL(Best). It can also block access to malicious and risky websites. As the sites are blocked using Mcafee site advisor it cannot infect the computer at all. If you are clicking on Red or yellow rated links then it gives you the option yo have a warning page appear on your screen. The message will bypassed when you will be setting a password to enable this options. As the password facility is provided it prevents the user such as childrens from unwanted and risky websites. As it gives you extra protection by password facility.With the help of Mcafee Site Advisor Live you can add websites to the approves sites list. And also Mcafee site Advisor is not compatible with Macintosh Computers.